Delving into Coaxial Cables: Why Are they Better?

Delving into Coaxial Cables: Why Are they Better?

Coaxial Cables: The technology that breathes life into the internet connection has transformed rapidly. There was a time when the highest bandwidth that we could enjoy was limited to KBPS or kilobytes per second. However, with time the typical internet cable has transformed into its advanced self, and the transmission of bandwidths is no longer limited to KBPS only. Now, with coaxial cable and fiber optic technology, households and businesses can get access to more than 1000 MBPS of internet data, without a glitch or lag.

Since we’re talking about internet connections, there’s an ongoing debate regarding which connection is worth it. Fiber optic connection is by far the most advanced version of internet cables. With this bad boy powering up internet connection at your work or home, you can seamlessly download and share hefty files, stream HD content and do a lot more, without experiencing any sort of a lag or anything. However, there is a catch to fiber-optic connections installation as it comes with high installation and maintenance costs, and lack of durability. Businesses, to be precise, experience the most brunt of this high cost, which is why businesses are always on the lookout for internet options that wouldn’t cost them much in terms of maintenance and installation, but perform just as good as a Fiber Optic.

Therefore, in a bid to evade high installation and maintenance costs businesses and households with large internet consumption give Coaxial cables a shot. Coaxial cables perform just as well as fiber optic connections and are quite affordable as well. Now you may be wondering which provider promises a connection so sturdy that it withstands not only the harshest weather but a busload of heavy tasks as well.

For businesses and households, Mediacom offers an array of internet plans at extremely affordable price tags. You can go for Mediacom Xtream if you’re planning to get a fiber-based connection for work. However, its coaxial connection is where it’s at! Coaxial cables provide a seamless internet connection, with no additional hefty costs. Plus, several other reasons make coaxial cables a tough contender against fiber connections.

Higher Bandwidths? Not a Hassle Anymore

Coaxial cables transmit high bandwidths like it’s no big deal. This is possible due to the latest DOCSIS 3.1 technology, which is capable of providing a whopping 10 GBPS downstream and 1 GBPS upstream.

Effortless Installation

Relative to fiber-optic connections, which aren’t quite a piece of cake in terms of installation, coaxial cables are. The only thing that does seem a bit intimidating while installing coaxial cables is the length of cables. Other than that, its installation is quite simple and can be done using hand-tools. Plus, if you plan to extend your connection or repair a damaged part of it, splitting the connection would do the trick. This thing turns out as a huge bottleneck while using Fiber optic connection, because a single split may cause an entire connection to be replaced.

Easy to Trace

Since coaxial cables are good conductors they are remarkably easy to trace. A simple tracing with a tone generator can help in locating wherever the cable is. Compared to this, a fiber-optic connection is a non-conductor and thus requires a lot of hefty digging to locate. If not done with proper professional assistance, this can result in an even bigger accidental damage. And when fiber-optic connections are damaged even slightly it leads to ……… (cue the cash register sound)

Coaxial Cables Are Sturdy

It doesn’t matter if you reside in an area where the weather is always bad, with coaxial cables your connection will keep running all the time, unhindered. Coaxial cables are sturdy as compared to fiber-optic ones and they can withstand careless handling, harsh weathers, and what-not.

Diverse Usage

Now that you know coaxial cables are sturdy, imagine such a connection breathing life into your TV and phone. Since coaxial cables are excellent at transmitting glitch-free signals, using them for your TV and phone can let you enjoy a seamless connection. Once again, Mediacom provides TV and phone over coaxial cable, so you can enjoy an array of features along with the basic service, all the while staying within the bounds of your budget.

Power Up Your Internet with Coaxial Cables

Internet connection has become a staple and so we strive to get the best one available. So why not for the one that is best in every aspect? Coaxial cables may not be the same as fiber optic, but they don’t hold back in providing features and benefits that are almost the same as fiber. Therefore, if you own a business that’s big or small or you belong to a household where everyone’s big on the internet, then consider giving coaxial cable connection a chance. Without any maintenance hassles and additional costs, this particular connection can help you save big!



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