Here’s Why You Should Know about FoxyProxy

Here’s Why You Should Know about FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy is a browser extension that automatically switches a web connection through one or several proxies according to URL patterns. In simple terms, FoxyProxy automates the editing process of a browser’s connection dialog in ‘Settings’. If you are only looking for ways to set up a FoxyProxy extension – find more information in the blog post.

FoxyProxy is also known as a sophisticated proxy management tool that replaces a browser’s limited proxying capabilities. You can use FoxyProxy Basic as a simple tool with easy configuration options.

You may need access to geographically restricted content or surf using a proxy in case a website ends up blocking you.

Or maybe you are not sure about your safety online and need to search the web without being noticed. Although browsers like Firefox and Chrome feature built-in proxy tools, they are restrictive.

You should know about FoxyProxy because it’s an essential tool for any individual or business that intends to use the web proxy.

What is Proxy Switching?

FoxyProxy is a proxy switcher for both Google Chrome and Firefox. A proxy switcher is a tool normally in the form of a browser add-on (in this case, FoxyProxy). It allows anyone to turn a proxy on and off. You can also work between several proxies with a simple click of a button.

Proxy server switching saves time, considering it usually takes several clicks to enable or disable a proxy. It happens to depend on the loading URL and the switching rules you have established.

Proxy switching is useful to penetration testers and security researchers because it saves a lot of time that they would spend messing around with settings.

This valuable time can be put to better use, especially when exploring a website for testing. Continually turning the proxy on and off is a tedious job, but using a proxy switcher makes the process easier.

What Else Does a FoxyProxy Do?

One of the most effective ways to find vulnerabilities in a website is by using a proxy. Routing web traffic through a proxy like Burp Suite can expose hidden flaws to you quickly.

However, turning it on and off manually is sometimes a dull task. That is where FoxyProxy comes in. It automates the process with a click of a button.

Features of FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy generally offers more features than other proxy-plugins:

  • It supports auto-switching, which switches among proxies based on URL regulations
  • It uses Chrome Proxy API and does not change system proxy settings
  • Online rule lists (AutoProxy compatible)
  • Carries out data import and export
  • It has advanced quick switch mode options, which allow you to switch among your proxies with one click.
  • Uses event handling to monitor proxy change. This is more efficient and accurate than polling.

How to Use FoxyProxy

  1. First, download FoxyProxy from the Chrome or Firefox extensions/add-on directory. Follow the prompts and complete the installation. Check your screen at the bottom, and you will see the text “FoxyProxy Disabled”. No worries, this is simply the default setting soon after installation.
  2. Acquire an IP address. Perform a quick online search, and you will find several free proxy IPs. On several sites, you’ll find the address list by country. Find an IP from your preferred country, then paste it to your clipboard. Note down the port number.
  3. Select the FoxyProxy icon. You’ll see it in the status bar. This will open the settings. Click on “Add New Proxy”, then enter the address and port name into the bar.
  4. Using the URL patterns tool, inform FoxyProxy the URLs you would like to access by proxy. Unless you’re interested in every site you go to by proxy, these patterns are helpful, and you can increase their scope using wildcards.

Switch on FoxyProxy by clicking the mode you would like it to operate in. The three alternatives include patterns mode, completely disabled, and proxy as default for all URLs. You will see which mode you’re in at any time by viewing the status bar.

If the proxies are unreliable (which happens a lot), just acquire FoxyProxy’s proxy service. It offers impressive bandwidth and reliability.

Keep in mind that any information you send through a proxy is visible to the owner of the proxy. Ensure that you use the URL patterns so that you’re not sending highly sensitive information, like passwords, through the proxy.

All the elements of a webpage go through FoxyProxy and are subject to its regulations.

In case some elements on the page don’t match any patterns, it will be taken through any appointed proxy server for the “Default” proxy. Some people will call this a “privacy leak”. However, keep in mind that unmatched patterns will not load, period.

FoxyProxy does not entirely hide your identity. It cannot change or hide your IP address. Do not expect FoxyProxy to provide complete anonymity. Some people and businesses have argued that FoxyProxy can instead make you more vulnerable to breaches.



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