Fortnite Skins and What You Need to Know About Them

Fortnite Skins and What You Need to Know About Them

Fortnite is arguably the most popular battle royale game of 2022. Since its official release in July 2017, the game has grown exponentially and has made millions of dollars in revenue. Over 350 million people have registered as players to date with 4 million actively playing every day. Fortnite is still free and you can download it on your PC and enjoy the battle royale, Save the world, and creative using the Epic games launcher. 

Now, one thing that stands out when you play Fortnite is the cosmetics. Very few games offer the level of customization Fortnite does. The dances and the Fortnite skins are the most fascinating part of this game. Fortnite skins have cumulatively amassed a whopping $1.8 Billion in revenue.  You can check out free skins here and also, get to see their rankings from the worst to the best. 

Here are five things you need to know about Fortnite skins

1.   Your Choice of Skin Will Impact Your Visibility and Survivability

A Fortnite skin is simply the outfit for your character. It is the customized look you choose for your character during the game. However, you need to know that Fortnite skins are not just clothes that character’s wear; they are responsible for making a dramatic impact on how your character is shaped and looks. 

Even though the skins do not change the game logistics per se, the Fortnite skin you choose can greatly impact your visibility. Remember, visibility impacts survivability. For example, a Fortnite skin with a huge hat or ears can easily betray you when you are peeking over a ramp. Also, a billowing cloak will easily be visible when you are hiding under a bush making you an easy target. 

2.   You Can Get Free Fortnite Skins

High-profile crossover skins are always on demand especially when it’s a popular character like Chun-Li, but these skins can be very expensive to buy. Every chance to get hold of a free skin is always welcome in Fortnite. So how do you get free skins in Fortnite? Well, there are several ways of getting free skins but most of the time you will need to put in some effort. For example, Fortnite players were able to unlock the rainbow racer skin after inviting friends to join the game using the refer a friend program. 

During holidays such as Christmas, Epic games love to give back to the community by allowing players to get free skins without using any V bucks. Be sure to look out for events and holidays when you can get to grab some loot. 

3.   Which Are the Rarest Skins?

The truth is, all the methods of getting Fortnite skins will result in a similar outcome but sometimes skin can become rare. In the Fortnite game, when skin becomes rare, it is a status symbol and players will always look for the latest skin so that they can show off. Most of the time, a rare Fortnite skin is a result of sheer luck rather than strategy.  A Fortnite skin will achieve rarity status if it does not return to the item shop after a long time. For example, Special Forces became a rare skin when players were not able to use their 1,200 V bucks to buy this skin for more than 1,000 days. 

4.   Be Careful When Buying Old Skins

There are several websites that offer a chance to buy and sell old skins. However, you need to know that buying old skins is frowned upon in Fortnite because it goes against the laws of Fortnite. Even if you really want a rare skin, avoid buying accounts since it can cost greatly and you can get banned from the game altogether. Choose skins that you love over skins that look more valuable. Remember, Epic has stated that it does not make skins with special powers and all of them are just cosmetic changes. As long as you choose a skin that has the ability to camouflage well against backdrops, you are good to go. 

5.   Fortnite Player Base Is Growing and Older Skins Are Becoming Rarer

As Fortnite keeps growing momentum, more and more accounts are being created. This means that older skins are also becoming rarer by the day. If you recently joined the Fortnite gang, do not worry, and do not be pressured to get old skins. Eventually, the current battle pass will become very old in no time and the skins will become rare in the future.


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