Germany Based Gaming Company Launches RPG on Litecoin Blockchain

Germany Based Gaming Company Launches RPG on Litecoin Blockchain

In case you have been living under a rock, video games and cryptocurrency are both big businesses. The gaming industry is evaluated in billions of dollars annually and the crypto market passed the $1 trillion mark last month. Then that game companies and crypto blockchains will collaborate and bring exciting new products to market. One such product is called LiteBringer, a new RPG (role-playing game) that utilizes the Litecoin blockchain for its marketplace.

How Litecoin Works?

If you had to guess what the new gaming blockchain is, you probably wouldn’t pick Litecoin. Being one of the oldest blockchains, it is also one of the more basic chains, largely similar to Bitcoin and not designed for collaborative endeavors. Instead, it is a very solid ledger for the Litecoin currency. 

If you want to perceive how Litecoin works, think of the Bitcoin blockchain with a bit more speed.

What is LiteBringer?

LiteBringer is an RPG, created by German company Cipsoft. To take part in the game, users are required to have a small purse of Litecoin, which is essentially used as currency within the game world. LiteBringer is a PC game that is item heavy and encourages trade to progress through the game. Users can buy new armor and weapons and likewise sell old armor and weapons for Litecoin.

Don’t expect a cutting-edge game. LiteBringer is a very basic game, akin to a lot of mobile RPGs. The most exciting thing about the project is that you can use Litecoin fluidly to buy/sell and trade items. You are even able to sell your characters, which has been a sought-after feature in many larger video games like Fortnite. 

What to Expect from LiteBringer?

First and foremost, you won’t be able to play without Litecoin, so you will need to grab some. If you’re wanting to know how to convert LTC to BTC or vice versa, you should use a conversion calculator to make sure you get the best deal. Once you have your Litecoin, you can create your character.

Character creation is relatively standard for a PC game, but items, armor, and weapons are a whole different matter. There are whole market places filled with all kinds of weird and wonderful equipment that you can purchase and add to your hero. In-game rewards also generate items and, as you progress, you can trade these for profit. 

The gameplay is a straightforward, no thrills style RPG but it could easily become very addictive if you want to be the best character in the game. You will need to have some shrewd trading skills to succeed as the idea is to trade items that you don’t want for as much as you can get for them and seek out better equipment for a good price.

LiteBringer and Litecoin

While not the first game and blockchain collaboration, LiteBringer is a fully integrated Litecoin world and its big selling point is that they have created a dynamic marketplace with Litecoin as the only currency. It wouldn’t surprise me if other major blockchains and gaming companies follow suit, and LiteBringer might just generate the publicity to get those deals over the line.

Other game-specific blockchains also collaborate with gaming companies. The biggest — Enjin — is used by Microsoft’s Azure Heroes for its rewards system. Be sure to check out that and LiteBringer to see what you think.


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