Enhance your Web Development Skills with Angular JS!

Enhance your Web Development Skills with Angular JS!

Web building is a complicated and involved process that needs thoughtful planning and high skills to execute perfectly. Even though HTML has been the standard of coding websites for several years now, there is no denying that it has its limitations. In a professional environment, no company wants its digital team’s efforts to be limited by the tools they possess, and this is where HTML extensions come in.

Gaining mastery over this system is relatively easy, and multiple courses are available for this.

What is Angular JS?

Created as a project by Google in 2012, Angular JS is a client-side JavaScript framework used to develop dynamic web applications. Angular JS is based on JavaScript and HTML, so there is a need to learn syntax or an additional programming language. By extending the ability of HTML and expanding its vocabulary, it transforms it into a dynamic system. The same action that needs 5-10 lines of code in HTML takes 2-3 fewer lines in Angular JS. Angular JS’s built-in attributes and features help it be more effective and productive than what is ordinarily possible.

The Advantages of Angular JS:

  • Unlike the static websites of HTML, Angular JS can be used to build dynamic and robust websites.
  • Angular JS is open source software which means that it is freely accessible and open to customization.
  • As it’s a Google project, it is backed by a very competent group of producers.
  • It is easy to learn and adapt to because it is based on the widely popular JavaScript and HTML.

How to learn Angular JS?

Learning Angular JS is not an extremely difficult job. Angular JS training is available online at very affordable. Depending on whether you want to learn Single-page web development or Full Multistack programming, various courses are available as per your preference. The entire development process is simplified, and because it is collaborative software, you can simultaneously run multiple users. In most courses, first, you will learn the basics of AngularJS: directives, expressions, filters, modules, and controllers. After which, you will start learning advanced concepts like DOM, Events, Input, Validation and HTTP.

Learning to harness the power of Angular JS will empower you to scale-up as a web-developer. With over 90,000 websites by creators like Intel, Sprint, Google and ABC News using the framework, it is clear that Angular JS has easily outshined every other JavaScript framework. Developers can use Angular JS to its full potential by expanding on the basic HTML website’s limitations. Learning Angular JS will not only get you future-ready and but enable you to capitalize on the growing job prospects in web development.


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