How to make your dog feel at home?

How to make your dog feel at home?

Approximately 7.6 million stray dogs and cats end up on the streets or in animal shelters every year. The reasons can vary from homelessness, illness, diseases, and a history of being abused by humans. Adopting these animals and making them feel loved is one of the greatest joys you can have as a pet lover.

But for the dog, it isn’t an easy task. It is the responsibility of the owner to make him feel loved so he feels at home. Eventually, they will return the love ten times more than what you offered.

According to a recent survey, 47% of dog owners confessed they had become more affectionate since the arrival of their pup.

That’s how life-changing dogs can be. So, in order to have that relationship, it’s important to make your dog feel like it’s their house too. How can you do that?

Let’s see some of the easiest and cutest ways.

1. Play with them

You brought them home to cuddle and play, right? So, do that. Buy some small toys and treats for your pup. If you don’t know where to explore, start from PETstock Australia – they have some adorable dog toys that you must check out. Tag them along with you whenever you go for walks in your nearby parks.

A new dog is definitely going to take time to get accustomed to your habits, the new toys, and surroundings, but when met with love, it will become so much easier for them.

Once they are introduced and integrated into the family, they’ll be the ones chasing you for some playtime. So, show your efforts and you will be rewarded every day with a good day.

2. Build habits

Potty training is definitely a difficult process, especially in the starting phase. But you need to stay calm and patient. Enforce bathroom routine with your dog and treat them whenever they fulfil it. Do not panic or yell at them.

Even when they make a mess, try to make them understand properly and clean the area immediately. Your approach to these situations will help make your dog feel comfortable at home.

3. Avoid overwhelming them

Most dog owners make the mistake of overwhelming the dog as soon as they come home. These instances can include making them see new faces, surrounding them with new people, yelling because they are not able to control them, and more.

Your dog does not understand your language. He needs time to adjust with everyone. Now, that doesn’t mean, you must leave them on their own but do not do too much of anything. Once they are well acquainted, you won’t ever have an alone moment. So, love them but don’t violate their private space.

4. Ensure you have a separate space for them

Just like you have a favourite spot in the house, make one for your dog as well. Get a small mattress or bed for them with little cushions. If you have a female dog, this place will be their “safe space” especially at the time of menstruating.

You can even go ahead and put it near your workspace to make it easy to keep an eye on them. Also, make sure to clean it regularly, pets might not say it but they don’t like to sleep on a dirty mattress. So, make sure it’s on your weekend to-do list without any fail.

5. Avoid putting collar too much

If you stay in a small apartment, then avoid the collar on your dog for a long time. Most dogs are more playful when they are not wearing a collar. So, make sure you don’t put it on for too long unless you go out.

If they aren’t on collar and leash properly, chances are you are going to lose them, because they run a lot. So, don’t forget it because then it would become very hard to control them.

6. Train them properly

Dogs who are trained with love grow more fondness towards their owners. You brought them to take care of them, now is the time to stick to that promise.

You may have different training tricks but make sure you’re patient in the whole process. Patience is the key to getting them to learn. It will take at least take them a few weeks to be introduced to your schedule and mannerisms.

7. Make their health a priority

To ensure your pup lives a long and healthy life, you need to make sure you care for them properly. That means you need to stay on top of their vaccines, take them to the vet regularly, and get them good dog insurance. Be aware of any hereditary conditions your dog’s breed is prone to have.

Over to you…

Dogs are simple creatures. You don’t have to do extensive things to make them feel loved. These tips are just enough to grow a deeper relationship with your pet which will last a lifetime.


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