How to make your gaming console last for years

How to make your gaming console last for years

With the retro gaming industry continuing to grow and more and more people are going out to purchase these consoles, I often ask myself what happened to their original consoles. I guess many people have either flogged them online or at a car boot sale or perhaps they are up in the loft gathering dust. Therefore, if you do still have your console, the question to ask is how dirty are your gaming consoles? If the answer is not too bad and still functions, there are ways to help you preserve the console’s life so that it can be used for generations.

Video game consoles are refreshed every few years nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t last long. Perhaps you have a friend who still has a working classic Nintendo system or the original Playstation. Care is the key to allowing your gaming console to last as long as possible through hours of playtime. If you take good care of your game console, whether it’s an Xbox 360 or a Nintendo DS, it will last for years and years. Here are a few simple tips to follow which can help.

Protect the lens

The lens of your video game console is irreplaceable in terms of its importance; the lens reads your game discs, and touching it will permanently harm it. If you break your console’s lens, it will no longer be able to read game discs. You’ll have to take the console in for repairs, which would most likely be costly unless you have an active warranty. There are guides on the internet for fixing a broken lens on a console yourself, but it is not recommended; unless you are comfortable disassembling the case and pieces of your video game console, you can end up causing further harm. To go one step further, you can purchase a CD lens cleaner which will help prevent damage to your lens and prolong its lifespan.

Keep it dry

Spilling water or any liquid on your game console can cause harm to delicate parts that are critical to its function. The insides may be permanently fried, rendering it irreparable. Consider what happens if you drop your phone in a puddle of water; unless you turn it off and submerge it in a bag of rice, its chances of survival are slim. Hold the drinks on a table away from your prized video game console the next time you have a gaming session with your mates. It’s also an idea to store it in a place free from moisture as this can also be damaging in the long term.

Keep your console away from any surroundings

Keep it away from other things

Like any other electronic, video game consoles will overheat depending on how long they have been turned on and whether or not they have enough airflow. For example, having a laptop on while sitting on your bed restricts airflow and can cause your computer to flame out over time. When gaming, place your console on a hard, even surface, such as a wooden cabinet or a coffee table. Carpets are soft and absorb heat much faster than hard surfaces. Additionally, ensure that your console has plenty of breathing room on all sides; space will allow for more airflow.

Look after the games

This is something the new generation gamer won’t appreciate as most of the games on their consoles will be downloaded. You can’t have fun with your gaming console if you don’t have any games to play on it! When you’re done playing, remember to take your discs out of the console and place them back in their cases. Leaving games on the floor or on furniture is a sure way to scratch them up and make them unplayable. At the price you pay for new games, the very least you can do is return them to their proper place.

Look after all of the console’s accessories also

And it’s not only the console itself you need to preserve; you need to ensure you take care of all of the accessories such as and vr headsets and controllers

A console generation is a period between updates to a game console. The average gaming console generation lasts around 5 to 6 years, and each time you get a new console with better hardware, faster performance, and more power for your games. As a result of the console company’s backward compatibility, many old gaming console games can be played in newer versions. If you follow the instructions carefully, the lifetime of your gaming console can be much longer than the lifespan of the console generation. I hope this article has helped you to find an answer to the question of how to make your console last for years.


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