How To Receive SMS Online From Any Service Without Mobile Phone

How To Receive SMS Online From Any Service Without Mobile Phone

These days it is not always possible to operate a mobile phone and the phone number that belongs to it relatively. However, there are still a lot of online services requiring users to complete mobile phone number verification when signing up for them. Being unable to operate a mobile phone might become a serious problem in that case. There is no need to get down though. You can solve this issue by using a simple technical solution called a temporary phone number. It allows anyone to receive SMS online over the internet while located anywhere in the world and with any device including even a PC.

Register with any online service

Often those who are going to use temporary numbers wonder if they are available for use with a specific website or app. It has been one of the most popular questions among newcomers for a long time. But even though it might seem complicated to someone, the answer to it is simple.

You can use temporary phone numbers to create accounts on all types of online services whether it is social networking or payment system. They work for any platform that provides users with the option of verifying their mobile phone numbers for different purposes. With that being said, it is possible to use them with online services of the following kinds:

  • Social networking sites;
  • Email services;
  • Payment and baking systems;
  • Food delivery apps;
  • Thematic forums and other platforms.

So, in fact, it is possible to use temporary numbers to sign up for Facebook, Gmail, and PayPal all at once. This tool is really multi-purpose and can be used for completing various tasks under any circumstances. There are rarely any restrictions on this.

Legality of use

There are also a lot of those who are not sure if it is legal to operate temporary phone numbers. Sometimes this tool is considered by them as something illegal. It has nothing to do with reality. Temporary numbers are not prohibited for usage by any country in the world. They are actively used by not only regular users but also small and large commercial companies to promote their products and services on the internet with more efficiency.

However, as in the case of other things, using it for fraudulent or other illegal purposes still goes against the laws. So taking advantage of this feature is not prohibited only if used for performing legal actions. It should be seriously taken into consideration by users before starting to use temporary numbers as some people might misunderstand the point of its legality of use.

Getting a temporary phone number to receive SMS

It is not a problem to get a temporary number at all at the moment. Users can complete this task in minutes through appropriate websites such as SMS-Man. This platform offers brand new temporary phone numbers issued in more than a hundred countries which are set up to receive SMS online from both well-known and less popular online services. This is how to use it:

1. Proceed to and sign up for a profile.

2. Open the payment tab, select a suitable method and add credits to balance with it.

3. Choose the required country of mobile provider on the main page.

4. Scroll that page down to the section with supported platforms and search for the one from which it is necessary to receive SMS.

5. Press the buy button that is placed under the price of the temporary number.

There is nothing more to do after the last step. Your temporary phone number will automatically appear on the appropriate tab located on top of the homepage. Click on it to copy and after that use it in order to receive SMS from the online service selected earlier. Your verification code will arrive right on the website.


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