What to know when travelling to India?

What to know when travelling to India?

Visiting a new country can be difficult as everything can seem quite strange to a tourist, which is why it is important to be prepared when you are travelling to a certain country. Here you will get familiar with some of the things that are nice to know when travelling in India.  

Visiting different countries can be quite a culture shock and it can be important to be prepared for the specific country you are planning to visit. Some places may be very different from the culture we practice ourselves and others might be more similar. Which is why some research and preparation always comes in handy. If you are traveling to India this article will present some of the things that are nice to know.  

Prepare for diversity 

India is a very diverse country both geographically and culturally. Which entails that you can experience a lot of different nature experiences as well as several different cultures inside the borders of the same country. With a big part of the population being Hindu and a smaller part being Muslim there is a diversity in religion as well. And all these diversities can off course be difficult to understand when coming from a country where most people might seem more identical. These differences are obvious when traveling from the north to the south for example. But they are also very clear when traveling from the bigger cities to the countryside.  

Gaming, gambling and betting in India 

Gambling can cause a lot of discussion and conflicts in countries around the world. And India is no exception. As a result of their religious beliefs there is generally a very restrictive feeling towards gambling and other types of games with money. The gambling situation in India is as in other countries in constant development and changing. However, India is as a quite religious country restrictive, and it is in fact mostly illegal to engage in gambling and betting in India. However, there are some exceptions. As in the states where the gambling law vary from country to country or state to state, the same goes for India. There are three states that allow all types of gambling in India. The Vegas of India, you might call it. And these are Sikkim, Daman and Goa, so if you want to engage in these activities during your travels, you should you could try these out. And if you are in one of these three states, you can freely visit a site like https://bettingguru.in/ to engage in a bet, if you are attending a sporting event or something else.  

Respect the religion 

It is important to be respectful of the religion and especially in India where it is very clearly a part of their everyday. This entails that you dress accordingly. Even though you are used to wearing shorts and tops in the hot summer weather, this can seem like a big insult. Due to the religious beliefs, Indians are much more covered than what you might be used to. Some body parts are considered to be important to cover up. So, one advice that is important throughout the travel is to dress conservatively when in India.  

Another important factor in respecting is to know how to visit the temples. There are a lot of temples around the country and when visiting these, it is very important to take of your shoes. This can seem very strange coming from countries with other religious traditions; however, this is one way to show that you have understood the religion and that you respect it.  

Take it easy on the food 

You should let your system get use to the food in India as it will probably be much different from what you are used to. You should not eat too much spicy food as this can be hard on your stomach. This is one way to be considerate towards your body. However, it is most likely necessary to bring some sort of diarrhea tablets as the sanitary situation in India is challenged. And you cannot be sure that the street kitchens or restaurants are following the sanitary rules and regulations you are used to. This can cause some stomach issues, but they will most likely pass quickly. 


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