WoW – Starting Out with Pet Battles

WoW – Starting Out with Pet Battles

Pet Battles are a fun aspect of WoW, and here’s how to take part in your own.

There are so many aspects of World of Warcraft that help to keep players entertained. So much so that it has had the longevity that it has had over the years, with pet battles being another interesting feature. There are certain features that you may consider having to buy WoW gold for. In this instance, we are going to be looking at how to get started and what you need to do with your resources to start pet battles.

What Are Pet Battles?

In World of Warcraft, pet battles are a mini-game that involves turn-based combat. These are opportunities for players to raise the levels of their companions. You can also do battle with other players and capture pets out in the wild. So don’t worry about having to buy WoW mounts for sale.

Starting Out

To start with our journey towards a pet battle master, we first need to go to Stormwind or Orgrimmar to find a battle pet trainer. For 10 gold, these trainers will show you the ins and outs of battle pet training. You will also learn how you can track pets using your minimap too.

If you want to start the battle pet training, then you will need to be at level 5. After you have started learning with a character, then your characters will receive the training too. The battle pet trainer can train a pet of a certain race if you haven’t already obtained one. That said, the trainer will be teaching you the pet that is designated to you.

How do Pet Battles work?

Once you have got your pet battles ability, you will unlock the first slot for your team. You now need to have an active pet for your team. To do this, choose a companion from your pet journal and drag it over to the first space in your battle pet slots section. You need to go on to complete the Newbie and Just Pup achievements so that you can open the other two battle pet slots. Speak to your trainer once more so that you can start the chain of short quests that shows you how to get the revive battle pets ability. You are going to need this to heal and bring your pets back to life in battle.

As for the battles themselves, they are of a turn-based combat nature, with no time limit in each battle. This gives you the chance to strategize what you need to do next. Like a lot of turn-based battle games, you have certain abilities that can be more effective in certain circumstances. You will also have abilities that have a cooldown period as well.

It would be wise to switch your pet out if their attacks aren’t proving to be effective against your opponents. Or, if they look like they are about to perish, then be sure to rotate your pets. You can alter your line-up after the battle has ended, which can give you the advantage when you go back into battle.

You will receive experience for every battle that you are victorious in. However, deceased pets will not receive experience. The amount of experience that you get depends on the level your pet is at when compared to the wild pet that you are battling. If you beat a pet that is of a higher level, then you will get far more experience. With high reward comes high risk, however, so keep this in mind when doing battle with anything that’s of higher experience.

When you come across wild pets that are at a higher level, you will find that they are often there with the company. There will be other critters coming into the fight after the battle has begun. You will be able to see the other pets on their team too. To emerge as the winner, you will need to either defeat or capture the battle pets in front of you.

These are all the basics you need to know about pet battles. To get the training you need you aren’t going to need to buy WoW gold to learn how to battle pets. If you have played turn-based combat titles before, then you are probably already familiar with a lot of the mechanics that are involved here. Once you’ve got the relevant training and understand the fundamentals you will soon be more than ready to go out and experience the feature for yourself.

Have you tried pet battles in World of Warcraft? Let us know in the comments section below!


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