How Do I Prepare for WoW TBC?

How Do I Prepare for WoW TBC?

Here’s the facts you need before you head into The Burning Crusade.

Getting ready for The Burning Crusade expansion isn’t just to give you a head start before you get started on the expansion. It’s also a fun way to pass the time that you have to wait before you get it as well. You might just want to earn some WoW TBC gold, or have plenty of professional materials stocked up. Either way, here are some good ideas for you to look into to prepare you for what’s to come.

Choosing Your Professions

There is a host of changes to professions with TBC. This is why you should look into Leatherworking in particular. This can be very beneficial as you enter into raiding, especially when you look at the value of what Drums of Battle brings. Newer professions such as Jewelcrafting will also be important, given how fresh it is and player’s desire to fill their gear with gems. So go with Jewelcrafting especially if you are looking to make a ton of WoW TBC gold.

Speaking of professions, the changes that are going to be made will mean that the items needed for leveling them will be highly sought after. To get ahead of the game, you should start stocking up on the items that you need to level up. For example, if we are sticking with Jewelcrafting, then you’re going to need to get as many jewels as possible. Start mining the likes of Blue Sapphire, Large Emerald, Azerothian Diamonds, and more to get ahead of the game.

Decide On A Levelling Method

How you level your WoW TBC Classic account is important too. You could go the way of questing, queuing for dungeons, and so on. This is a traditional method that can help you to earn WoW TBC gold as well and is a technique that many players commonly use.

However, there is an alternative method that you can use too. This is by repeating dungeons with your peers. You will need good gear and WoW TBC Classic items prior to launch. With your healer and tank at your side, this can help you prepare very well. It is arguably quicker too than the alternative, and you can go back and repeat the questing zones once you reach 70 if you wish to earn more gold too. The dungeons will also help you farm reputation which can benefit attunement, which will also play a big part.

Gold Farming

We want to be able to afford the very best of everything in The Burning Crusade and what it has to offer. With that in mind, farming WoW TBC gold is important for a number of reasons. Of course, if you’re planning on bringing a carry-in raids and dungeons then you’ll need a lot of gold on your person. You can also use the gold to buy mounts, enchants, materials for the profession of your choosing, and much more.

Choosing Your Character

The changes that are coming along with The Burning Crusade mean that you need to look into how you are going to adapt to those changes. As the foundations are shifted, many will be looking to start with new classes for the expansion. You need to factor in how long features like attunement takes, and also consider your role in raids too. Focus on your WoW TBC Classic account before you look into more, and you should be more than prepared for what’s to come.


You may have heard a lot of talk about attunement,, and that’s because it is a vital process in the game. When it comes to attunement for the likes of the Battle of Mount Hyjal or The Eye, you can expect a long grind. The raid attunements in Classic pale in comparison to this, so be aware. You’re going to need to grind reputations, find many keys, and much more if you are going to be successful in this situation.

So, as you can see, you are going to be witnessing a lot of changes with The Burning Crusade. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can prepare yourself beforehand so the grind isn’t too much of an uphill task. Having plenty of WoW TBC gold is going to be important, as will planning your professions ahead of time. Once you have gotten to grips with these and the attunement process, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll be ready to face the expansion when the time comes for you to dive into it.

Have you prepared yourself for The Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!


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