The Best Photo Recovery Software You Should Know In 2023 | Top Deleted Photo and Files Recovery Software Tools | Advanced Tools and Updated List (2023)

The Best Photo Recovery Software You Should Know In 2023 | Top Deleted Photo and Files Recovery Software Tools | Advanced Tools and Updated List (2023)

Today, photography has become more than just a hobby. It is no longer an activity, which was earlier reserved for professionals only. Now, anybody can be a good photographer if they know how to snap photos. Also, you don’t require high-quality and expensive cameras for it. Starting from mobile phones, and tablets to laptops—almost all essential and advanced IT gadgets now provide camera facilities in their devices. 

Photography is the best way to preserve memories. Be it a family event, holiday vacation, your first job interview or a marriage anniversary—using your smartphone, you can capture some of the best moments of your life. 

Unfortunately, storing photos in your smartphone or memory cards/ flash drives is never risk-free. You may never know when suddenly some of your favourite photos get deleted from your mobile. The experience of losing memorable photos can be frustrating and worrisome.

That’s when you need to use the best deleted photo recovery software. Using such a tool, you can get back all your deleted photos, which were stored on SD cards, Android phones’ internal storage, and laptops or desktops. 

But before we take a look at some of these photo recovery tools, we’ll first analyse the necessary reasons which could increase your chance of losing photos and images from your device.

Top Reasons Why You May Lose Photos

  • Accidental deletion of the photographs
  • Your flash drive got corrupted
  • There’s a device-related error in your device
  • When you improperly turn on and off your device
  • Sudden power loss or shut down of the device while you are in the midst of saving a photograph
  • There is a sudden software or programming error when the device doesn’t recognize your data.
  • Corrupted image files
  • Virus and bug infection

In the above segment, all necessary reasons why you may lose your image data have been mentioned. No matter how many precautions you take, the chance of losing your memorable photographs and images is always there as long as the photographs are in digitized format.

Here are the best deleted photo recovery software tools for your personal and professional use.

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery software is your one-stop data tool to get back lost audio, video and Photos. If you have recently lost any videos or photographs for whatever reasons, you can use the Stellar Photo Recovery tool to get those data back. It comes with a simple recovery guide and you just need to follow three steps (Select, Preview, and Recover) to retrieve lost media files.

Stellar Photo Recovery tool comes with plenty of attractive features and benefits. It offers an easy user interface that anybody can operate. Using its deep scan feature, you can even retrieve lost/corrupt data from any damaged or corrupted storage devices. It is available for both Windows and MacOS.

Additional Benefits And Features

  • It works with almost all types of memory cards. It means if you lost your images that were stored in any flash drives or memory cards, the software can help you retrieve the same.
  • You can also use this image recovery tool to get back image files stored within the internal storage of GoPro, Canon, Nikon, digital cameras, Android SD cards, Hard Drives, and other advanced gadgets or devices.
  • Stellar photo recovery software can also help you restore important documents, images, and audio-visual files, which have got corrupted or lost.
  • The recovery tool supports the scanning of up to 18TB of storage device.

You can directly download the Stellar photo recovery tool now to get back all your deleted important files and folders.

Recoverit Photo Recovery

Recoverit Photo Recovery is a software tool, which is compatible with MAC OS. Using this software, you can easily retrieve deleted photos, videos, important documents, and other sensitive files. It’s a multipurpose data recovery tool which you can easily use on the device. All you need is to download and install the software on your system to get back lost files. You can also use its Deep Scan feature to make proper use of the filtering option to retrieve particular files. 

Glarysoft File Recovery

Glarysoft File Recovery software can come in handy if you’ve accidentally got images or other files deleted from your Windows-compatible handsets or devices. Using just a couple of steps, you can easily restore deleted files back to your system. As soon as you run the software, it will scan the system and preview lost files. You can also apply relevant filtering options to find particular files. 

IObit Undelete

It is one of the most preferred photo recovery tools for Windows users. Using this tool, you can easily retrieve images, emails, audio files and other documents with a few clicks. After installation, you can run the deep scan option to retrieve your lost files. It comes with a simple instruction guide and interface for users’ help.

iMyFone D-Back

If you are specifically looking for a data recovery tool for your iOS-enabled devices, including iPad, iPhone, and others, you need the MyFone D-Back tool. It’s effective and can retrieve over 18 types of file formats from deleted directories. If you’ve recently opted for a factory reset, even then you can use the tool to get lost data. It takes just a few minutes to retrieve your lost data.


Recuva has now become of the favourite photo recovery tools among press photographers, amateur photographers, and camera enthusiasts. But it works with Windows OS only. Once you press the run command after getting this tool downloaded, it starts the auto scan and searches for relevant photo files, which got deleted. However, before you start the operation, you should specify on which disc drive (C or D or E) you want it to get run. Apart from images, you can also retrieve word docs and emails using this tool.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is an effective photo recovery software through which you can retrieve deleted and formatted data, including photos, audio or videos from Windows and Mac devices. When you run the installation command, you’ll find a data recovery wizard. 

You should follow all relevant instructions as shown on the screen. You can retrieve lost data of up to 2GB after running the software. However, if you want to restore lost data which is above 2GB, you need to subscribe to its Pro version. It works on flash drives, too. Interestingly, this software is fully compatible to work on Android handsets and iOS devices, too.

The Best Deleted Photo Recovery Software: Features And Benefits

  • 100% Effective
  • It’s software
  • Helpful in retrieving necessary files and images
  • Can work on multiple devices
  • Compatible with various software and OS
  • Should work on flash drives, gadgets, smartphones and memory cards
  • The recovery tool doesn’t affect other software

Wrapping Up

No matter what it sounds like, the photo recovery process is easy and quick. Actually, when you delete a file or somehow it gets erased, the file stays hidden inside the storage device but you lose access to it. In such a situation, you can use Stellar Photo Recovery software to restore your lost photographs. And you can easily run this software without any hassle!

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