Ways to Use Tax-Loss Harvesting to Improve Your Investment

Ways to Use Tax-Loss Harvesting to Improve Your Investment

A lot of people have made it in life, financially speaking, by having and maintaining a diverse portfolio of investments in various sectors and industries. If you are an investor, you might have come across the term tax-loss harvesting.

As an investor, you are always on the lookout for efficient ways to make your portfolio more tax efficient. As many people have come to know, taxation can either work in your favor or the other way around.

The significant way to make an investor’s portfolio more tax-efficient is through tax-loss harvesting. So, what is the meaning of this term? Tax loss harvesting is when an investor sells losing positions or rather investments to harvest or realize losses. Here are some of the benefits.

Portfolio Recharging

One of the main advantages is the portfolio recharging. Through rebalancing, you can reset your assets, which is crucial in balancing the returns and risks. In the long run, you will know where you are making losses, and this will help your strategies in the next move to help your investment to be profitable.

Bigger Tax Bill

Many who utilize tax-loss harvesting most of the time have the main goal of buying back their assets that they initially sold. Most tend to buy their assets after the wash sale period. This is when one sells an asset or investment at a loss and then later replaces the sold assets with an identical investment. It is usually thirty days after or before the sale. When one does this correctly, he or she will have a larger capital by spending less money. In the long run, the capital gains add up and get bigger. However, it is essential to note that it depends on various factors.

Automation of the Whole Process

The process of tax-loss automation can seem to have been complicated for many. This is mainly because many people don’t have the required knowledge to do so and maybe actually hearing the phrase for the first time. However, it is essential to note that the whole process can be automated.

Several brokers are willing to offer automatic-loss harvesting at a given fee. This is possible by utilizing several automated systems that can calculate and identify individual stocks that are most likely to drop. Most automated advisers tend to charge less cash compare to what many financial advisors will.


When harvesting, there are several things you are required to consider. One of the things you are to watch for is wash sales. There is a regulation known as the wash-sale rule that prevents people from claiming losses that are taxable and repurchasing the security immediately. Something else you should consider is the long and short-term losses.

Something else that many may consider as a limitation when it comes to tax laws harvesting is the administration costs. There is a rule that tends to be applied in relation to administration costs and losses that are harvested. The rule states that for anyone to be allowed to harvest losses, the tax benefits should be more than the administrative cost.


All investors are looking for ways to profit out of every situation. With the right knowledge and experience, one can utilize tax loss harvesting to his or her advantage. However, it is crucial to make sure that you follow the rules and regulations concerning the subject. For more insights, it will be best if you seek advice from a professional in the field. Tax-loss harvesting has so much more to offer investors and it is high time you consider utilizing it to turn loses to profit. Using brokers may prove to be helpful.


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