The Oman national cricket team

The Oman national cricket team

The Middle East is a region of the world that is slowly but surely integrating itself with the exciting cricket world. There are many great matches played in those countries, and betting opportunities on them can be found at the website.

One of the newest members of the International Cricket Council from that part of the world is Oman. The country joined cricket’s world governing body back in 2000. Later, in 2014, the organization granted the country Associate status. This meant that from that moment, it was possible for the Omani national squad to start playing major international cricket matches.

Another milestone obtained by Omani cricket was being granted One-Day International status. From that moment, the team was able to start participating in relevant cricket competitions. Lots of Twenty20 and One-Day International cricket matches can be found and wagered on at the 1xBet website.

Participation in important tournaments

The Oman national cricket is a relatively new member of the cricket world. For this reason, their participation in major tournaments started only in the 21st century. Currently, it is possible to find out cricket betting rates on, which are available for many competitions taking place in the Middle East.

Some of the first tournaments where the Omani squad participated included:

  • the ACC Trophy;
  • the ACC Twenty20 Cup;
  • and also, various ICC World Cup Qualifiers.

One of the first huge achievements made by Oman was to qualify for the 2016 Twenty20 World Cup. This means that in the future, Oman is likely to continue improving. Right now, great cricket betting rates can be found out on 1xBet, and they are available for all the covered cricket matches.

Development of the sport in Oman

As it has happened with many other countries around the Middle East, cricket has grown mostly due to the large immigration from the Indian subcontinent. Currently, the bookmaker company 1xBet app for iOS provides excellent chances to bet on many cricket matches from that part of the world.

As a result of this immigration, a local cricket league started to evolve in Oman. However, since the beginnings of those competitions, a majority of the players have been from India or Pakistan rather than native Oman people. However, this hasn’t prevented the exponential growth shown by the Oman national cricket team. The 1xBet bookmaker company has an excellent app for iOS, which offers tons of wagers and rewards, and can be obtained for free.

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