The Importance of Water Resources Management in 2022

The Importance of Water Resources Management in 2022

The world today faces a water scarcity unlike any seen before. Water scarcity impacts more than 40% of the global population directly or indirectly. 70% of all deaths related to natural disasters are caused by water scarcity. The fast-paced growth of economies worldwide puts unprecedented pressure on water resources. Besides this, the rapidly growing world population is another factor causing a shortfall in this precious resource. It is estimated that the world is set to face a 40% shortfall between the forecast demand and supply of water resources by 2030. 

Climate change will make the situation worse by affecting the natural hydrological cycles. This will make water disasters more frequent and stronger in intensity. All these factors clubbed together to make efficient water resources management crucial. 

What is Water Resource Management?

Water resource management can be described as managing water resources using various policies and regulations. Since water is becoming more precious each day, efficient management is crucial. Water resource management is the process of planning and managing water resources. Efficient water resource management includes various incentives and infrastructures that support water management. Water resource management is crucial because it can aid in developing water bodies for future generations’ use and protect public bodies from further contamination. The biggest concern that is covered by water resources management is its availability, management, and quality. 

Why Is Water Resources Management Important?

Water is one of the most important inputs for agriculture is water. As worries about the depletion of water supplies mount, there is a rising need for sustainable water management in agricultural operations. Every drop counts when it comes to closing the agricultural productivity gap. Scientists studying agriculture claim that farmers in India frequently consume more than 25 times as much water as required to cultivate paddy. The main causes of the wasteful usage of this limited resource are improper irrigation techniques and misconceptions. As a result, there is a critical need for farming to use irrigation water sustainably. Here are some of the reasons why water resource management is so crucial:

  •  Water resource management can address complex issues:

There are many factors at play in efficient water resource management. The administration responsible for addressing water management issues must be aware of how much water is needed and how much is available. These authorities also need to be aware of competing demands and relevant policies. Efficient water resource management can help streamline these complex processes, which is why it is crucial. 

  • Food production is dependent on water resources management:

The agricultural sector uses the majority of the world’s water resources. With the increase in population, the need for food production also increases, and so does the demand for freshwater for agriculture. Therefore, good water management is critical. 

  • We have limited access to water resources: 

According to the data available, only 3% of the world’s water is freshwater and drinkable. Out of this mere 3%, only 1% is accessible; the rest is frozen in glaciers. Therefore, good water resources management is crucial because we have to manage a very limited resources for our needs. 

  • Poor water resource management can be fatal:

The lack of strict regulations regarding the contamination of water bodies can lead to fatal diseases like cholera. Pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides etc., present in water can lead to many fatal diseases. 

Opt for a Systematic Water Resource Management

Systematic and well-organized water resource management can help conserve this precious resource. The reform must start now, given the seriousness of the issue.

By ensuring enough water of sufficient quality for drinking water and sanitation services, food production, energy generation etc., water resources management aims to maximize the utility of water. It will offer water to everyone, enabling them to meet their basic needs. It can also help in conserving equally advantageous water. Therefore, opting for a well-organized water resource management is crucial for your business’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly functions.

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