What Drones Are Good for When Talking about Business Security

What Drones Are Good for When Talking about Business Security

While some years ago, drones were still associated with sci-fi movies, now, they are applied more widely. Many organizations have acknowledged that drones can be applied for many purposes:

Delivery of packages to clients; a package can either be attached to a drone or grasped by the device if the drone is equipped with micro linear actuators;

  • Medicines transportation in emergencies or to remote locations;
  • Taking photos and videos to facilitate construction planning and works;
  • Inspecting crops and herds of cattle, etc.

However, let us check one more not less significant application field: business security. before a company starts using drones, it shall consider both aspects of such an application: security increase and security concerns. Let us have a look at both sides of the drone application for business security purposes.

Drones Can Offer an Overview of the Situation Before Humans Are Sent to Sort Everything Out

If a criminal comes to the territory of an enterprise, a drone can supervise him/her until the police arrive. If immediate action is needed, guards will get an idea of what they are going to be involved in, and thus, they can prepare themselves more properly. In the very end, if a drone is damaged, a new device can be bought. While in the case with a person, the consequences are different.

Drones as an Extra Security Layer

Cameras cannot provide an overview of every territory piece. Here, drones are very useful. They can be sent from time to time to locations that aren’t monitored by security cameras. The most frequent applications are:

  • Monitoring the territory perimeter;
  • Checking rooftops;
  • Monitoring parking lots, etc.

Thus, drones are very useful to keep your business and workers secure.

Drawbacks of Drone Application

There is no doubt that drones can be highly beneficial for security purposes. However, these devices come with some drawbacks that also shall be considered. Let us check what are those drawbacks and if they can be eliminated

Cybersecurity Is a Concern

When a drone is patrolling the territory, it sends you videos and photos to help you to assess the situation and take the needed actions. However, how does it send the information? The communication channel is the internet. Thus, a smart hacker can steal the data when they are being transferred online.

However, data leakage in this way is something that can be prevented by taking proper security measures. Thus, if you do everything correctly, you will, most likely, never face a cybersecurity issue.

Drone Usage Shall Be Monitored Carefully

First of all, it concerns the regulation. In the USA, drones shall be registered with the FAA. Also, there are certain rules about how to fly them. In other countries, the regulation might be different or absent at all. Ensure you know how to fly your drone before you start using it.

Another concern is that you are not the only one who uses drones. Thus, you and your security personnel shall be attentive not only to your drones but also to strangers` drones flying close to the enterprise territory. Drones that are close to important objects but don’t belong to the company might be trying to get sensitive information. Thus, keeping an eye on them is needed. However, it shall also be done without breaking anybody`s rights.

Drone Application Policy?

We have already mentioned that in many countries, special regulations apply to drone use. However, they concern general drone use. For example, one of the most common requirements is to have your drone registered. Then, a drone shall have some identification signs. And finally, it mustn’t be flown at a distance from which it cannot be seen.

However, how your security staff shall act if they see a stranger`s drone on the territory? How their actions shall depend (if they shall depend) on what the drone is doing? For example, what shall they do if the drone is just flying low? Or if it went to the premise roof? And how to handle the situation if the drone drops something on the roof?

Every company shall have a special policy for such cases. The company guards shall know exactly what the protocol is for every specific case. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that such policies will differ in different companies.


Drones are a great tool to boost the security level of any business. They can be applied successfully where people are useless. These items can monitor the territory of the enterprise, collect information, notify you about intrusions and emergencies. The collected data help to adjust to the situation and handle the issues with minimum losses.

While the application of drones is connected with many complications, most of them are of a legal character, this technology has a great future in the security sector. If used smartly, drones allow you to hire one or two guards to react to emergencies, and drones will perform all the monitoring procedures.

Hayley Mann

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.