Why does my internet connection drop every hour?

Why does my internet connection drop every hour?

An internet connection, a good one would not drop every hour. Normally the connection does not drop this often either. To the customers of the internet, this is a major inconvenience especially if this is at the office, the work lags and time is wasted. For example, an employee could be saving 10 or 20 minutes they wait in the whole day for a browser to upload and a file to be sent. This just complicates and frustrates the employee. Not just at work, but at home, it’ll be even more frustrating because people pay for this service and receive a grumpy internet that keeps stalling like the ice-cream sellers of turkey do. A reliable internet keeps you sane and motivated to do more. Nevertheless, some do procrastinate and that is not the fault of the internet, the consequences of procrastination are on you.

However, connection issues even when you pay on time mean something is wrong with your connection and the ISP services. This could be the provider or on your end. You will have to understand calmly which issue it is. This is not a sickness but we but down some symptoms, diagnoses, cures, and solutions for the issue that you could resolve on your own or the ones you may need the help of the ISP.

Why Is Your Speed Low?

This is the first thing you should check. The connection can drop but it depends on your device and what is using the bandwidth of the internet. This could be because you seem to download very heavy software from one device and another you streaming a movie. This is also the case with too many people using a plan made for a smaller family. Wireless devices could then automatically disconnect from the Wi-Fi.

To fix it you need to perform a speed test, which shows how much speed you are getting from what the plan entailed. Use both wireless, wired devices, check it, and if it is correct you should talk to your ISP for a better plan for you. You could even switch providers and find the one that offers good speed and value. For example, if you are facing low speed and thus connection cuts you could choose one of the top provider plans like Xfinity internet plans, which offer speed-value-savings in their various packages for both home and office. There are other companies also like Spectrum or AT&T that have great options but not all ISPs have such proficient services.

Is The Issue With The Modem?

The modem is what connects your ISP sending the internet signals to the router and thus to your devices and keeps you connected to the internet and the WWW. The modem may be old or damaged and thus does not connect with your ISP in the way it should. Some issues are out of the control of consumers like an issue in the neighborhood wiring or some bad weather conditions leading to it. Other issues can be undone with the help of troubleshooting.

To fix this issue first check the connection of the modem with the ISP point of entry. You can see a cable right. If it is not in the connection between the walls to your modem then just connect it, see if it works, and if it does not, just call your ISP and ask them for a visit to check the issue. ISP wants customers happy and provides all-around customer service. So, choose one that does when going for a connection. CS can also troubleshoot from the backend.

An Out of Date Router

Wireless routers can go out of date quickly with advancing internet connections requiring a better one in a span of a few years such as 4G tech going towards 5G. Many devices now support better and better routers for example if iPhone 12 supports a type of Wi-Fi router 6 it won’t get the same fast speed as the Wi-Fi 6 on the Wi-Fi 4 type of router.

With 5G tech and connection, routers will have to be switched. The Wi-Fi 5 and 6 router cover optimal speedy connections that do not lag, break or become a dead end. Wi-Fi 5 and 6 are the newest in routers that support 4G tech and some 5G speeds while Wi-Fi (4/3/2/1) is the oldest.

To fix this, you need to in a good router but make sure it works for your connection best. It should be compatible with Wi-Fi 5 and 6 because present devices of today require so.

You Might Have Faulty Cables

Your internet will disconnect repeatedly with damaged cables, which should be replaced or changed. You can ask your ISP for this or get one and do it through YouTube video because it isn’t that hard or you are a DIY fan. But it could be a bigger issue with wiring which we advise you to get an expert for. You can fix this issue by first checking if wires are damaged or disconnected but after switching the button and the sockets switches are off. You can find cheap cables on Amazon but pay for installation to the provider or an electrician. The issue could be the backend, which makes the ISP’s help to change wires.

You Could Be Having A Technical Issue

For example:

  • The network is off from the backend
  • Poor coverage
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Weak device/infrastructure
  • Constructions going on

Last Words: What You Could Do

  1. To help maintain your internet connection functioning smoothly, perform these steps:
  2. Ensure that your internet package provides acceptable speeds.
  3. Use a router that is compliant with the most recent standards, such as Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6.
  4. Check that all cables are secured and intact.
  5. Check to see if your Ethernet connection is CAT 5e or newer.
  6. Ensure that the firmware on your router is up to date.
  7. If the situation persists, contact your service provider and report your concerns. You might also think about increasing your internet package or switching to a different internet provider that provides service that is more dependable.


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