YoMovies Piracy Movie Website | Latest HD Movies Download | Latest Update

YoMovies Piracy Movie Website | Latest HD Movies Download | Latest Update

Plagiarisation of entertainment content including movies in all languages, their downloading, and viewing is a serious offense punishable by jail terms and cash fines. It is a criminal activity.

However, a large number of such illegal websites, including YoMovies currently are operating in India in open violation of the copyright act. By violating the copyright act, such torrent sites are inflicting a rude blow to the national entertainment industry of the country.

What Is Yomovies?

YoMovie is a site that is involved in the online streaming of newly released or any other movies of Bollywood, Hollywood, and Indian language movies. It also beams the television shows and TV soaps illegally.

Yomovie is getting extremely popular as people can directly see the movies and TV shows through the online webpage of this site. It has simplified the viewing making it extremely user-friendly as one does not have to even download entertainment content unlike most of the other torrent sites.

This online viewing of films is free. The extension of damage that this piracy site is doing to the film industry can be gauged from the fact that it has a stock of over 5000 plagiarized movie content in Hindi, different Indian languages, and English.

Moreover, viewing movies illegally through the website of YoMovies gives safety to the audience as they can use a strong VPN connection to conceal their location identity and IP address. Besides, they can also view high-quality Full HD, HD, and 300MB films using the piracy platform of YoMovies.

Movies Leaked by Yo Movie

Yo Movie keeps on updating thus loading the latest films and also movies released on the first day of their release. While one has to buy a ticket to see them in cinema halls, they are available free of cost thus making people prone to watch them in the yo movies Bollywood rather than going to the theatres.

Some of the famous and just released movies leaked by yo movies.com are Four Kids and It, Khoon Ki Holi, Shikara, Darbar, and Bad Boys for Life. It also released such movies as Avengers Endgame, Joker, Housefull 4, War, Hobbs and Shaw, Chapaak, Bala, Tanhaji, Mission Mangal, and Street Dancer 3D.

How Popular is YoMovies?

Due to a host of facilities provided to the audience including viewing without paying any money, YoMovies is extremely popular. This illegal site uploads movies by copying them contravening the copyright act and makes them available to the people free.

Since one does not have to pay anything by the way of buying tickets in cinema halls or anything to the (piracy) website, YoMovies have grown extremely popular across the country.

List of similar websites like YoMovies movie download site

Government Action to Curb Piracy In India

Though operating illegally, the operators or owners of YoMovies could not so far been arrested or booked as it has become extremely difficult for the law enforcement agencies to track them down. The reason for this is that they frequently change or switch the URLs. However, yomovies links are getting disabled online.

To top it, the operators of YoMovies also frequently use different fronts or proxies making it an ardor task for the film content regulatory authorities to nab them. What is more, this piracy site also protects the illegal viewers of entertainment content.

This they do by concealing the identity and location of the illegal viewers online or by downloading. YoMovies resorted to this criminality of hiding details of viewers so that they are not caught and punished. In other words, the site did this to protect viewers. Subsequently, the popularity of the site is going up.

What is the estimated worth of YoMovies

YoMovies is a rich piracy site. Its roughly estimated worth currently is about US$ 101,413. The site earns high profits by the way of advertising revenue based on its public traffic and ranking data.

Additionally, it earns a large income by illegally distributing pirated entertainment content which is pegged at US$ 78,120 annually through an estimated 5.21 Million visits per year that browse an estimated 26.03 million pages per year.


Since the piracy websites like yomovies Bollywood keep on making available for download and viewing the latest movies, some on the day of their release, the number of cine-goers has declined drastically in India declining the ticket sales thus hitting profit margins of film producers, directors, film distributors and cinema hall owners.

Such sites also deprive the Government of India of its income through taxes on film ticket sales. It very adversely affects the box office collection of money of film producers.


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