How to get certified as a Professional Scrum Master

How to get certified as a Professional Scrum Master

Are you interested in software development? Do you want to get certified in software development? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you have an aptitude for developing and delivering complex products, you should consider PSM Training Online (Professional Scrum Master). Getting trained to become a professional scrum master can really help you add accomplishment to your resume. Scrum is a framework that is grounded in the development of software. In recent times, this framework is used in several fields such as sales and marketing.

Qualities of a scrum master

In order to know if you can work in software development, there are some qualities that you need to have. These include:

  • You must have an aptitude for software development. The willingness to work in an agile scrum environment is required.
  • You must be good at teamwork. If you are someone who can really thrive in a team, becoming a professional scrum master is perfect. You need to have collaborative skills.

What will you learn from a scrum master course?

Courses on PSM Training Online are a truly enriched learning experience. To be able to work in an organization as a scrum master, there are a lot of things that you need to know.

  • You need to have in-depth knowledge about the various principles that form the foundation of the scrum framework.
  • Along with principles, you will also learn about the process theory of scrum.
  • Furthermore, you will obtain a clear understanding of the various roles of a scrum master in an organization.
  • This training also includes exercises which can help you improve your ability to work in teams.

Steps for getting certified

Becoming a certified Professional Scrum Master is not an impossible endeavor. It is neither very difficult nor cumbersome. Think of the process of getting certified as a challenge to improve yourself and your skill-set.

  • The first step to applying for PSM Training Online. There are several courses to help you become a scrum master. These courses can be completed quite fast.
  • You can choose a course based on how much you are willing to spend.
  • After you’ve chosen the course and completed the same, you are ready to give the required examination. You have to pay a small fee for this examination.

PSM examination

Some important things you need to know about the Professional Scrum Master I examination include the following:

  • This examination is a globally recognized assessment.
  • Your certification, in turn, will also be globally recognized.
  • This is a time-bound examination. You will have only 60 minutes to finish the examination.
  • You will have to attempt 80 questions in one hour. These questions are a combination of true and false statements, multiple-choice questions as well as single answer questions.
  • You have to secure 85 percent marks in the examination to pass the examination.

Becoming a certified Professional Scrum Master is a great addition to your list of accomplishments. This certification can help you get promotions at your organization. Maximize your potential and take this course!


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