Fiewin App Download | Is Fiewin Real or Fake?

Fiewin App Download | Is Fiewin Real or Fake?

Fiewin was rated in 2021 as one of the most popular gaming Apps. This App is attracting gamers as they can also earn money while gaming. 

That is why this site is considered an earning site. However, there are some controversies related to this site. Some people consider FieWin as a fake site and indulgence in its games may at times put the gamers in trouble. 

These games are very easy to play. Some of the games listed below can generate money for the gamers:

First Parity.

MineSweeper and

Fiewin Crash Game.

What is FieWin App?

FieWin App is known as an Earning Application App. This gaming site issues daily gaming tasks. On successfully performing these tasks, you can get money in exchange. 

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Features of the FieWin App 

The main features of the FieWin App are described below: 

  1. It is simple to operate
  2. All games are interesting
  3. Recharge is done Fast 
  4. The registration process is very quick
  5. You don’t need any documents to sign in 

Fiewin App Is Real Or Fake? 

Fiewin claims gamers are earning thousands of Rupees through this App. But the reality differs. This claim of earning may not be true due to the following reasons:

  • Fiewin does not show its real owners or founders.
  • This website issues no details including contact details.
  • Fiewin does not figure much on social media platforms.

In view of the above, we can say doubts are attached to its reality and a positive recommendation to indulge in its gaming cannot be done. It is also advisable that a gamer should not give the personal details on being asked by Fiewin, if ever.

Fiewin Refer and Earn Win Daily Rs.10 

It claims you can earn Rs. 10 as a cash bonus on signing up and also can earn free Paytm cash. In its advertisements, Fiewin says you can earn on a per-day basis Rs. 8 Paytm cash on the lucky link. 

You should, however, be cautious about such advertisement claims. If you give your bank details or other personal details, you may lose or run into trouble. 

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How to Download FieWin App on Android?

This gaming app is easy to download on Android. The following method can be applied to download it:

i. Fiewin app can be downloaded from its website. This can be done by clicking the click button.

ii. It can be easily downloaded on an Android handset/mobile phone.

iii. After the process of downloading is finished, you will find the APK in the “Downloads” section. The downloading is done.

How To Recharge Or Add Money In Fiewin?

You can follow these rules to recharge or add money in Fiewin:

i. There is a recharge icon. You have to click it to go ahead with adding money.

ii. Enter the Amount

iii. Select payment method: There are three payment methods as follows:

· Paytm 

· Phone pay

· Amazon pay

iv. Generate a screenshot and upload it.

Your recharge has been done successfully. 

How To Withdraw Money From Fiewin?

The process of withdrawing money from this gaming App is quite simple. It involves the following steps:

1. Go to the Withdraw Section

2. Add Any UPI ID

3. Enter Withdrawal Amount

4. Minimum Amount of withdrawal must be Rs. 30

5. Instantly Receive In Cash Rewards

Earn Money From Fiewin Game Predictions 

You can earn money from the Fiewin colour prediction game. Under this game, you have to select a particular colour and put your bet on it. You may get double the amount of your bet if you win.

The point-wise steps to earn money from Fiewin game prediction are explained below:

  • Click the button to get registered on the Fiewin website.
  • Enter your mobile number. You will get an OTP. Now verify your mobile number by entering the OTP.
  • You will get Rs.10 as a sign-up bonus.
  • To play this game tap on Fast-Parity.
  • After taping, you get three color options: Red, Green, and Violet.
  • After this, put the amount of bet on the color that you select.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to know the result. If you win you will get money.

Fie win – Extra Task Bonus 

The extra task bonus of Fiewin is explained below:

i. Free ₹2 – Learning recharging process: You have to check the recharge help and answer the questions correctly.

ii. Free ₹5 – First recharge: This is the second step after you have completed the first recharge

iii. Free ₹5 – First invitation: those invited have to complete download registration and purchase points. They can receive an extra task bonus.

iv. Free ₹20 – More than 100 orders: you have to complete Parity orders and Dice orders, more than 100 times

v. Free ₹100 – More than 1000 orders: You have to complete Parity orders and Dice orders over 100 times

vi. Free ₹1000 – More than 10000 orders: Complete Parity orders and Dice orders, more than 100 times

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Fiewin App FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Fiewin Account Is Blocked? 

Answer: Your account may be blocked due to following reasons:

i. You might have opened multiple accounts. If you have done that on a single device, your account may get blocked.

ii. You may be blocked for having given false or fake referrals. 

2. How to Unblock Fiewin Account? 

Answer: If your account on Fiewin has been blocked, you can unblock it by contacting the support team with a request to unblock it. No one else can unblock it. The final authority to unblock it lies with the support team.  

3. What Is Fiewin Customer Care Number? 

Answer: The customer care number of Fiewin is not available. You have to contact the Fiewin support team to address all your problems. Fiewin can be contacted only through this support team as it has not given any customer care number to contact the support tea. 


Fiewin is an Indian website or app. This gaming app allows you to play (and earn, as claimed by founders of Fiewin) a number of games like First Parity, Andar Bahar, Dice, Crash, Hilo and Minesweeper. Let us know your views on the FieWin app  also share your experience about how you came to know about it.


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