What Is Lia Informant On My Phone? Know Everything in 2024

What Is Lia Informant On My Phone? Know Everything in 2024

What is LIA Informant?

It is a tool that allows the user to view information about LG services. It informs the essential information like contacts, messages, network connections, and more. LIA informant is available in a Smart Notice widget part of stock ROM.

Moreover, the LIA informant works with advanced technology that helps update every updated information on your device. In the next section, we will discuss the working procedure of the LIA informant.

How Does an LIA Informant Work?

Lia Informant’s working algorithm is just like any other system app. When you start your phone, it automatically runs in the background. Therefore, there is no application to watch it, and it is an intelligent service whose task is the collection of numerous data from the device no need to start again and again when you start your machine.

Additionally, it automatically starts working and continuously gathers and syncs all the valuable information. Also, It is integrated with LG official services and applications that are available in the stock ROM.

Let us know the algorithm with an example when you start your LG smartphone that integrates with a smart widget. You can observe the fast battery drain issue. That means the Lia informant algorithm first sends all the data into an intelligent gadget. After That, you will get a notification through it to fix that. LIA informant follows the same process every time. Now, we will tell you, if it is safe or not.

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Is the LIA Informant Safe or Not?

Safety is the priority of every human and their data. Many users have questions about the safety of LIA informants. So, we want to tell you that it is a safe service and helps you keep on your phone. It is a secure and reliable service. So, you can use it without any worry.

LIA Informant Permissions and Access

There is some permission and access that is important for the smooth working and better results.

  • View Network Connections

It allows and helps the apps to view information related to network connections. Also, it is helpful to check which network exists and which network is connected.

  • Read Text Messages

It helps to read text messages and explore the required information. Moreover, It can read out MMS or SMS messages stored on a SIM card or mobile phone.

  • Read Call Logs

This option also allows reading the call logs like incoming, outgoing, and other essential data from the call log section of the phone.

  • Directly Access Callings

Users can directly call LIA informants. It is an advanced option that makes the calling easier without intervention.

  • Read Your Contacts

It permits reading all contacts that are stored in the phone. Additionally, provides access to read call details like call history and call timing.

  • Mobile Network

LIA informant access to the network mode, data roaming, Network operator, and Access Point Names are all readable.

  • Calendar Events

It also provides accessibility to the calendar that can help you mark events on any date. Moreover, it contains events in the calendar marked by you or someone else.

  • Phone Stats

That information is currently and permanently stored in the phone and is also readable, like battery percentage.

  • SD Card Contents

It allows you to read the SD card content like documents, videos, and apps can all be seen. Additionally, give notifications about extra junk files to remove through the Smart Widget tool.

  • Run at Startup

If the system boot process is under processing, it allows the app to start itself.

In the above section, we have discussed all the LIA informant permissions and access. Now, we are moving on to removing the LIA informant from devices.

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Different Methods to Uninstall LIA Informant

How to Uninstall LIA Informant?

There are two methods for removing or uninstalling the LIA informant from your device. Both ways are straightforward and secure. Follow the below-mentioned methods to uninstall the LIA informant.

Method 1: How to Uninstall LIA Informant Using System App Remover

To better implement this method, you need to follow every step in the same sequence:

  1. Go to Google Play Store, and Install System App Remover.
  2. After that, Open this application from the App section.
  3. Then, click on the Grant access from the root permission pop-up.
  4. Here, you locate in the system app with com.lge.ia.task.informant package. If you see only app names in the list, then you need to enable the “Show Package Name” from the menu.
  5. Then, Select the LIA informant and click on the Uninstall button.
  6. Tap on Yes to successfully uninstall.

It is the way of uninstalling the LIA informant by using the system app remover. Moreover, if you have insufficient technical knowledge, then you can quickly implement the process. Now, we are jumping on to the following technique.

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Method 2: USB Debugging

There is another way to uninstall the L I A informant, and it is also safe and secure. If you want to get better output from this method, then you need better execution. So, let us know the steps of this method to implement in the section below.

  1. Click on the Phone Settings, then search Developers Option and Enable USB Debugging.
  2. Then Download the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your Windows PC ADB allows you to perform commands on your phone.
  3. After downloading, extract the ZIP file in a separate folder.
  4. Now, open the extracted folder, then launch Command Prompt in it. To execute this process, “Hold the shift key + Right click on the empty area in the folder.”
  5. After that, you can see the option to Open the Powershell window.
  6. Now, connect your LG phone to your PC through a data cable.
  7. Type the “adb devices” in PowerShell to create the daemon run. It appears your device serial key upon the successful connection.
  8. Here, type the ADB shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.lge.ia.task.informant into the PowerShell and hit the Enter button.
  9. If error-free commands run successfully, then LIA Informant will be permanently uninstalled from your LG phone.

It is the second method, and it can be complicated for non-technical users. In this method, some steps demand the requirement of technical knowledge. On the other hand, we discussed the two approaches, and you can use them anyway as per your preference. Additionally, if you use the second method, then you cannot restore it. So, you can think again about it before you run the command.


In the above segments, we have discussed all the possible aspects of the LIA informant. It is a great technology that makes many tasks easy. It always runs in the background. Additionally, it is safe and easy to use for LG phones. Users can easily remove the device from the simple steps that we already explained. It works with advanced technology that helps in providing the best output from it.


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