OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

OSRS Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

Have a look at what to expect in the latest quest in OSRS called Below Ice Mountain where players must break into the ancient underground ruins.

There’s no shortage of ways to get OSRS gold or OSRS GP thanks to the many quests in the MMORPG. Even so, there’s no harm in adding some new content now and then to spice things up. In a game such as OSRS where players have seen almost everything, things can get pretty stale quickly. No one uses their twisted bow as much anymore, especially those that have already completed every single quest. Some have even resorted to putting up OSRS gold for sale, while others buy OSRS gold just to collect all the rare items and capes. To put it simply, it’s easy to get bored with a game that’s been around for more than a decade especially if there aren’t any substantial updates that back it up. World of Warcraft is a prime example of an MMORPG that has stood the test of time and yet still entices new players thanks to the amount of content that they’re releasing. It’s easy to cancel one’s subscription with Old School RuneScape, especially if they don’t see the point of playing the game anymore. Then suddenly as if out of the blue, Jagex released a brand-new quest–and a free-to-play one, at that. So what’s the deal with the Below Ice Mountain quest? And is it enough to quench the thirst of many players that are looking for an in-depth adventure? Let’s find out.

The Beginning

In the Below Ice Mountain quest, players will get to meet Willow, an archeologist that’s looking for her next big break in the ancient underground ruins. To start the quests, players must first interact with Willow who is located in the south of the Ice Mountain. From there, she’ll tell the players that the entry to the ruins that are no doubt filled with treasures. There’s only one problem: the entrance is sealed shut. Willow then will ask the player for help in recruiting her old crew back who once helped her to be able to break in and acquire the items. Players are then tasked to find three of her friends: Marley, Burntof, and Checkal. Marley is a thief that specializes in disarming the most intricate of trips. Burntof is a dwarf that loves destroying everything through demolition. And finally, Checkal can lift all sorts of heavy things thanks to his physique (plus he’s also a bodybuilder). While this task sounds easy at first, it’s going to take a lot of work to persuade the trio to join Willow as they have claimed that her intentions are not what they seem to be. Some members are very much aware of her greed–and not just for OSRS gold or OSRS GP.

To convince them to join Willow, players will have to bribe them with some items or face some sort of trial. In the case of Marley, players will have to get him a steak sandwich from the Blue Moon In. For Burntof, simply get him a beer from the bar. As for Checkal, players will have to prove their strength by training with Burntof’s friend, Atlas. This is where they can also unlock the Flex emote. Simply show the emote to Burntof and he will agree to join in on Willow’s adventure.

Breaking In

Once players are finally able to recruit all the members together and break the entrance to the ruins, Willow reveals something surprising: they’re not a bunch of archaeologists but are instead grave robbers. Now that all’s said and done, she’s looking to kill the player since all has been revealed. But then, Burntol made a bit of a fumble and accidentally set off a trap, revealing a level 25 Ancient Guardian which the player must kill after the gang has fled from the scene. After dealing with the Ancient Guardian, players have the option to loot Willow’s bag which she left in a state of panic. From there, it is revealed that Ramarnmo, one of the few surviving Imcando dwarves left, is taking refuge inside the Ruins of Camdozaal.

The Aftermath

Should a player complete this quest, they’ll be able to permanently gain access to the Ruins of Camdozaal. And of course, a quest isn’t complete without the reward of OSRS gold or OSRS GP. Players can opt to use their twisted bow for the battle with the Ancient Guardian, but so long as a player is level 25 or more, then they’ll have a fairly easy time in dealing with it. What do you think of the Below Ice Mountain quest? Do you love it or hate it? Let us know down below!


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