Our Favorite In-Car Accessories

Our Favorite In-Car Accessories

We all love filling our cars up with random things, some of which help us when we are driving, but most of them are there just because we put them in the back or under the seats and forgot that they even existed. As our dependency grew over time on automobiles, it became inevitable to buy car accessories that provide legit usability and help us along the journey till we reach our destination. Now, there are countless accessories for your car, making it challenging to choose which ones you need. So, here’s a list of our favorite in0car accessories that we can’t live without! 

Smartphone USB Car Charger

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. We cannot live without our mobile phones. Whether we are in the house, office, restaurant, car, or even our bathroom, we need our smartphone with us, or things will be tedious and frustrating real fast. At times you forget to charge your phone in the night, and now you have to leave for your work, or you are planning a long road trip on which you will be away from home for days, and your phone is bound to run out of charge. What are you going to do?! Get yourself the latest USB charger. Using a small amount of charge from the car, these tiny devices are capable of fast charging your mobile phones and give you an entire battery within an hour! So, forgetting to charge your phone overnight or going for a long road trip will not be a problem now since anytime you are in your car, you can have a fully charged phone. Making a USB Car Charger, a must-have. 

Bluetooth Receiver 

Thanks to the long hours we spend in our cars daily, we have grown to love to listen to some music and tunes while we drive. The right song can make the driving experience so much more pleasant. When you are going down an empty, long road at night all by yourself, the need to listen to your favorite songs is quite firm which is why we love installing a Bluetooth receiver in our vehicles so that whenever we want to, we can listen to our favorite melodies and enjoy a pleasant personal moment. Cab drivers, Uber drivers, and others should seriously consider getting their cars one of these because almost every time the passengers want to play something they like when they are sitting in the car. Being able to cater to this need might get you five stars and possibly even a tip! 

Smart Dash Cam 

When leaving your house, you can never be sure of what to expect or what unfortunate event might befall you, especially if you are leaving in your car. Car crashes are becoming extremely common nowadays for various reasons like drunk drivers, speeding, distractions, etc. Getting involved in a car crash without any witnesses or CCTV footage could land you in a jam, even if the collision was not your fault, to begin with. Without any proof or evidence, it’s your word against the other driver, meaning you won’t get anywhere in court and thus won’t be able to get any coverage for the expenses the reckless driver caused. However, if you had a Dash Cam installed on the dashboard of your vehicle that recorded all of the events that took place at the time of the crash, it’s going to be a different story entirely. Thanks to the Dash Cameras, you now have all the evidence you need to prove your innocence and have the driver responsible for all the damages and medical bills cover all your expenses. A small investment just saved your time, money, and driving record. 

Car Jump Starter 

Always be prepared for the unexpected, wise words to integrate into your life. You just got into your car and left the vicinity of your house; while on the road, you stop by a shop to get some cold beverages. When you get back into your vehicle, you find out that the battery isn’t strong enough to start the car. It’s nighttime; hardly anyone is around, you are stranded, what will you do now?! That’s why a Car Jump Starter is on our list of favorite in-car accessories. If you have one of these, you no longer have any battery problems. Take it, connect it with your car battery, turn it on and jump-start your car with ease. Put your things back in the car and be on your way. No need to wave or call others for help. Enjoy complete independence. 

 Emergency First Aid Kit 

Implementing the previous words mentioned about always being prepared, you should always carry a basic first aid kit within your car at all times because you never know when you might need it the most. Leaving on a road trip or simply going to the office sometimes can meet an unexpected collision, which could lead to minor bleeding, wound, or bruises that need to tend to. Rather than waiting for an ambulance, you can tend to your injuries and others on the spot if you have a first aid kit and prevent the situation from possibly getting worse. Carrying a medical kit is especially important when you are going on a long road journey. If you want to be prepared for life-threatening emergencies, it is highly advisable to attend a First Aid course, learn how to save a life a become First Aid and CPR certified. These can be done online as well, to save time.

To Conclude 

Some car accessories are for fun, entertainment, comfort and accessibility, but others carry more weightage and can potentially save you from situations that otherwise could lead to some dire consequences. Hopefully, our list will assist you in getting your car packed with the right car accessories. Just make sure you have your priorities straight when you do! 


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