7 Tools to Find Details of a Phone Number (Within 2 Minutes)

7 Tools to Find Details of a Phone Number (Within 2 Minutes)

Are you getting calls from an unknown number too? You are not alone as an average person in the United States receives at least 3 unknown calls in a day. The chances are that a scammer or a telemarketing company is trying to connect with you. However, you can not leave it on the chance as it is important to find out the details of the caller.

We did some digging and found 7 tools to find details of a phone number. These tools are enough to help you get access to the complete information related to a registered number. Additionally, you can check the details of remote phone numbers as well. 

Here are the solutions that will help you out.


CocoFinder is an online platform to find the public information of a person, phone number, address, or email address. The platform is preferred by more than a million active users to dig for public information. Anyone can use this platform to access its phone lookup service to find information about a phone number.  

If you are using phone lookup services for the first time, there is no better application than CocoFinder. It has some reliable tools that help you find information without worrying about any technical requirements. You can check phone number details here by simply visiting the service page of the website.

It will generate a report that has all the information related to your search query. Therefore, you won’t need to check all the links to find the information you need. Check its service page for the complete instructions of using its reports to find the data.


NumLooker always makes it to the list of the best phone lookup services. It works with a similar concept and provides an easy report for all your search queries. This platform aims to make public information accessible without going through a lengthy process.

The application can provide access to basic public information from any state. It has access to different databases and finds information from these sources. Most of the time, you will find reliable information from its sources. Therefore, you can try this application to get phone lookup services.

The total time of finding information on a phone number is between 2-5 minutes. It depends on the type of number and available information about it. Therefore, we recommend waiting until the proper report is generated for your search query.


TruthFinder is a popular application to perform background checks on someone. However, you can still use other services like reverse phone lookup on this platform. All the tools are easy to use and finding information is a piece of cake on this platform.

TruthFinder does not only give you the name and contact details of the owner’s phone number, but it also gives you a direct link to the social media profiles of the person. Therefore, you get better search results with this platform. Also, the platform comes with mobile applications that provide direct access to its services whenever you want.

Even with these features, the platform can use a few improvements. The most upsetting thing about TruthFinder is that it does not work without a subscription plan. There are no trial packages to check out its services. You need to pay the complete amount to use the services.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate offers the most popular email and phone number lookup services to its customers. The platform focuses on these services. Therefore, you can expect some reliable information by performing a search on this platform.

When you enter a phone number on its reverse phone lookup tool, it crawls different databases and finds the related sources. After that, the tool gathers all the information and creates a helpful report with it. 

The best thing about the platform is that it offers a trial pack for only a single dollar. It gives you 5-day access to its premium tools to check the service.


Intelius is one of the oldest (and largest) platforms to provide access to public information. The website has a user-friendly interface that provides all the services on its homepage. This way, you can switch between different tools to find some public information.

Platforms like NumLooker redirect their users to Intelius for in-depth searches. It is enough to understand the effectiveness of this platform. You can enter the phone number on its homepage for phone lookup services and hit the search button. The platform access some police records and other databases to provide the information.

Therefore, you can trust the results from this tool. 


SpyDialer is an exclusive solution to find the information of a secret caller. The platform is designed to find the details of a phone number without having any other details. All you need is to enter the number and choose the state where you believe the number is registered. If you are not sure, then you can leave it blank.

The platform is enough to find the details of the landline and virtual phone number. However, the user interface is not impressive and comes with a lot of ads. Other than this, you won’t face any issue in using this platform. 


TruePeopleSearch is an online platform that helps you find the true identity of a person. The platform has different tools to find this information. If you are looking for a secret caller, you can use its phone lookup service. It works similar to the platforms we covered earlier and you just need to enter the mobile number to get this information.

The best thing is that the website does not inform the person when you search for their information.

Final Words

Finding someone’s details with a phone number is easier with the above tools. These search engines are attached with some powerful databases that give you information related to any phone number. CocoFinder and NumLooker are the most popular platforms for finding this information.

On the other hand, Intelius has the largest database of public information. Now, you can decide what features you are looking for, and proceed with any of these applications.


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