iPhone vs. Android — Which Is Best for You?

iPhone vs. Android — Which Is Best for You?

You may be a happy and proud iPhone user. You may be a loyal Android fan. You may not really care for either and just want a smartphone that fits in a reliable case that will hold up year after year. If you’re not sure or thinking about switching from one to the other, we’ll go through different reasons why an iPhone may be better than an Android or vice versa.

  1. Ease of Use — Many smartphone users prefer the intuitive interface of the iPhone operating system. Android operating systems are more customizable, which works well for users who want more control over their apps. If you’re looking for a phone that’s easy to use even as a first-time smartphone user, choose an iPhone. If you’re looking for a phone operating system that can be tailored to your needs and preferences, choose an Android.
  2. Hardware — One of the biggest differences between the iPhone and Android smartphones is the hardware. Because Apple only makes iPhones, Apple has tighter control over how the hardware and software are integrated. Compared to Android smartphones, you’ll find Android software available with many other phone makers like Motorola and Samsung. Because Android isn’t just with Samsung or HTC, you’ll find that Android phones vary drastically from each other with different features and sizes. If you prefer more options, opt for Android. If you prefer predictability and simplicity, choose an iPhone.
  3. Cameras — According to Apple, the latest iPhone 13 Pro has a dramatically more powerful camera system with a powerful Ultra Wide camera that makes for stunning macro photography. However, unless you’re a professional photographer, you may not need all the bells and whistles. Compare that to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s camera known for its Nightography and super steady video features. Both the iPhone and Android cameras are high-quality. Remember that your smartphone is also an expensive camera. Because you’ll want to protect your camera and smartphone all in one, get the best iPhone cases or Samsung phone cases to keep your phone protected at all times.
  4. Virtual Assistants — Siri is the iPhone’s virtual assistant. To activate Siri, all you need to do is hold down the side button or, if the feature is enabled in your settings, say, “Hey Siri.” You can use Siri to set a reminder, get the weather forecast, make a FaceTime call and so on. Android uses a built-in Google Assistant. The Google Assistant is more compatible with other smart home devices compared to Siri that is only compatible with other Apple devices. If you want all of your devices to be Apple devices, go for an iPhone. An Android may offer you more versatility.
  1. Customization — Customization options are limited for the iPhone. That’s part of what makes an iPhone so easy to use, but many find that restrictive. For predictable elegance, choose an iPhone. If you prefer a more personalized experience, choosing an Android offers way more customization options.
  2. Affordability — In general, iPhones tend to be more expensive than most Android phones. The iPhone 12 starts at $599, and the iPhone 13 starts at $699. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is even more expensive, starting at $1,099. Compare those prices to popular Samsung Android phones, like their Galaxy A series with prices in the $300s and their Galaxy M series with phones in the mid-$100s.
  3. Value — While iPhones tend to be more expensive upfront, they also tend to keep their resale value more compared to Androids. For example, your old iPhone X with 64GB still in good condition can resell today for about $195, according to Gazelle, the phone resell company. Compare that price to the Galaxy S9 that came out around the same time as the iPhone X. If you sold a Samsung Galaxy S9 with 64GB and still in good condition, you could resell it today for approximately $60. If you’re looking for a phone that tends to retain its value over time, opt for an iPhone.
  1. Day-to-Day Use — For a simpler and more convenient day-to-day experience, you may want an iPhone. You’ll be able to get plenty of smartphone support with an iPhone, whether that’s getting your battery replaced or getting a cute new iPhone 13 case. For more freedom of choice, you’ll enjoy having an Android. An Android offers greater choices of hardware and software features, all for usually a less expensive price point compared to Apple.
-to-Day Use 

Now that you know why many people prefer an Android over an iPhone and the other way around, you’ll be able to get your next smartphone with confidence. No matter which phone you choose, be sure to protect your phone at all times by using a screen protector to prevent any accidental damage or spills. Get out there and pick the phone that’s best for you!


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