5 PPC Tools To Spy On Your Competitors’ Best Ads

“It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.”

The quote above clearly mentions how important it is to have a competition, as it keeps pushing you to do things in a better way. Keeping an eye on what your contemporaries do is undoubtedly one of the most important things in business.

The most hidden and best secret of this industry is that you do not always have to be a brilliant mind to create a great advertisement campaign. The majority of excellent ideas in marketing are clever mish-mashed of other people’s choices — in targeting, design, and pretty much everywhere else.

A similar concept applies to PPC techniques, as well. For your business, you do not need to recreate the entire idea from zero, but rather you can hire InvisiblePPC experts who give you the right PPC services to assess the performance of your competitors and surpass your outcomes.

Amidst all this confusion and competition, there is good news for all of you – there are ample numbers of excellent PPC spying tools available to marketers at present. They do not only assist in gaining insights and understanding about what works best in the sector but also in crushing the competition and achieving fantastic results.

This post will provide you with five unique and innovative PPC tools that will provide you with important information about your competition so that you can enhance your PPC efforts. The majority of the PPC spy tools give a trial period, and we request that you try them all before making the final purchase.

5 Best PPC Tools To Beat The Competition

Below are some of the five PPC tools for spying on your competitors.

  1. iSpionage

You can inevitably take the help of iSpionage to check how many PPC advertisements your opponents are airing as of now. Learn how long it has been since they run the specific advertisements and the keywords they usually spend on. Being the best PPC tool, it also demonstrates how other marketers structure their keywords, advertising, and landing pages.

You can monitor which advertisements receive the most traffic and their rankings on Yahoo, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. iSpionage says that their “proprietary keywords effectiveness index” may assist in identifying the most profitable keywords.

iSpionage has yet another exciting feature which is called the Competitor Alert. You may be notified immediately if modifications have been made to a competitor’s landing page. Even if your rivals make tiny modifications, the technology will detect them and help you improve over time. Isn’t it a nice and easy way to spy on your competitors without much inconvenience?

  1. The Search Monitor

The second one on our list has to be ‘The Search Monitor,’ a versatile tool that combines brand tracking, competition research, rank reports, and trademark use across various traffic portals. The product is most appropriate for medium and big digital marketing businesses.

This competition analysis tool assists businesses in gathering statistics depending on your brand bids, product pages, advertisements, and other PPC accomplishments. You can simply adjust how your rivals’ advertising looks across different devices and locations and also how you show out in Google Shopping.

This tool also provides one of the most significant features for detecting trademark breaches, spying on affiliates, and displaying pricing parity for the same services or goods across multiple suppliers, which is ideal for companies with a global presence. It is beneficial for hotel advertising that can keep track of changing room prices and promotional deals. Search Monitor works for companies with a worldwide presence by geo-monitoring across crucial search engines.

  1. Spyfu

Spyfu lets you browse for any website and discover which keywords your competitors are bidding on; their organically achieved rank and every advertisement variant in the previous 11 years. The “AdWords Advisor” tool present at Spyfu also suggests the most profitable keywords dependent on the data that you obtain from your rivals.

Regretfully or not, you are likely to have much more than one competition. When you put the domain into SpyFu, it will not just display information on that website. You will also learn about its rivals. Those competitors are, of course, your competitors as well. SpyFu’s keyword research method is sophisticated enough to combat competing SEO tools, and it includes a few patented features that set it apart from the competition.

SpyFu includes a handy function that pulls contact information for specified websites, saving you time from manually gathering this information. You may also leave remarks and a score for each possible link’s relevance.

  1. TrackMaven

Many of your must be familiar with the fact that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are major PPC traffic generators. TrackMaven will provide you with all types of social media and traffic data of your competitors if you want to see how much their PPC traffic is from these social media platforms.

The tools and features available here at TrackMaven help you to track your opponents’ efforts, ad expenditure, and strategic goals across social networks, as well as receive data on links, shares, and other metrics. This data assists you in fine-tuning your advertisements. This data helps you in fine-tuning your promotions. One of the finest features of TrackMaven is a significant emphasis on using these metrics to learn what works best and put the findings into action.

Trackmaven includes thorough data display, spatial statistics, quick notifications, real-time evaluation, and simultaneous comparisons. It provides tagging and tracking, easy sharing, and a sophisticated search function to assist you in proving the value of social media, improving campaign success, and more. Lastly, it also offers channel-specific metrics, personalized insights, and real-time visibility.

  1. mobiReady

Presently, mobile advertising is a significant component of your core approach. Online advertising is critical for business owners who want to make it simpler for their target customers to locate them. Your site should be capable of managing mobile visits as well. Use mobiReady to ensure that everything on your site is in tune.

It is certainly a free application that allows you to quickly evaluate the sites of competitors to check how they seem on smartphones as well as how they handle traffic data. You only have to enter a website to receive results right away. Evaluate your site with respect to your rivals’ sites and find out how to enhance your site’s user experience.

Bottom Line

Note that a few of the PPC methods implemented by your contemporaries may work well enough for you, while others would not. Hence, you should never quit undertaking thorough competition research to uncover their secrets and comprehend why some techniques may suit your PPC campaign.

Choosing  the right PPC experts will help you comprehensively view the keywords used, ad wording, ad budget, and profitability analysis of your competitors. You can view how their landing pages seem and follow all changes made by your competition daily.

Hope this list of PPC spy tools serves as an excellent reference point for boosting your competitive analysis! Begin by selecting only one tool and experimenting with it until you’re familiar with it, then go on to others.

But, do not make the mistake of overlooking and missing out on a lot that you will regret later on!


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