How to Sign Up for Online Marketplaces with Fake Phone Number

How to Sign Up for Online Marketplaces with Fake Phone Number

Millions of people from all over the world visit online marketplaces to buy various goods regularly. These days such platforms allow buying basically everything from small household items to cars and apartments. But using such services is not only about comfort and time-saving. It is also quite common for them to fall under data hacks and leakages which do not portend anything good. In this case, the personal data of online store users, including their phone numbers, often end up in the hands of fraudsters who immediately begin flooding them with different spam messages and calls. To avoid getting into such uncomfortable situations it is enough to start using fake phone numbers to receive SMS when signing up for those platforms.

What is a fake phone number for receiving SMS?

Many inexperienced users have the wrong idea about what is this service about. In their opinion, a fake number is just a set of random numbers that cannot be used in any proper way. However, in fact, it is not. A fake phone number is a virtual number that provides maximum confidentiality to the user.

You can message or call it but only through an online website or application with which it is intended to be registered. Simply put, it is only suitable for receiving OTP. Regular people including fraudsters won’t be able to do anything with a fake phone number if for some reason it falls into their hands.

In addition, a phone number like this cannot be associated with its owner using any tools. It has no history and leaves no trace on the internet whereas obtaining it does not require a person to provide any sort of personal information like when purchasing a SIM card from a cell phone carrier. So this feature provides the user with the best security possible and is completely confidential in terms of usage.

How to get a fake number?

There is nothing difficult about taking advantage of such a tool. It takes literally a few minutes to complete this task and can be done with any online platform that offers an opportunity to get a fake phone number. These days they are available on the internet in a wide selection. But we will show in detail how to do it via SMS-Man service for bypassing OTP as it provides fake numbers in all countries at one of the best prices on the market:

1. The first thing to do is to complete registration at You can do this using your email address or an account on one of several social networks.

2. The next step is to top up the balance of the created profile. This can be done on the “Payment” tab which is located on the home page of the website.

3. After the balance is topped up you can proceed to fake phone number purchase. To do this, go back to the homepage of the service.

4. There will be sections with countries and supported websites and applications. You need to choose where your fake number will come from and what platform you are going to sign up for with it.

5. Once all the parameters are set click the buy button.

As a result of this action you will get a fake phone number. Now you can use it in order to create an account in the selected service.

Signing up for an online marketplace with a fake phone number

Regardless of whether you are going to register on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or any other popular online marketplace, the fake number works the same in all cases. You just need to put it on the sign-up form of the platform that it belongs to as it was a real phone number and proceed to its verification via OTP. Once done, switch back to SMS-Man and press the “Get SMS” button to reveal the received confirmation code that is needed to create an account.

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