Insvideopush Review – Is Insvideopush Real or Fake?

Insvideopush Review – Is Insvideopush Real or Fake?

Insvideopush is an online app and website which claims to enable you to earn good money through the application of this app. You have to make some investments and in return, you get get the commission. This is one among many apps and websites that promise you a good income by paying some subscription fees and performing some tasks. Many such tasks are gaming tasks. It claims to be an online earning platform

What Is Insvideopush? 

This is considered a part-time work platform that enables you to earn income or make money. In this particular app, you can make money as claimed by it through Likes + Following Anchors’ Short Videos. The Insvideopush gives you a large number of short-term work tasks. You are expected to accept those tasks and earn in the completion of such tasks. Insvideopush makes lucrative money or cash offers to you. As a result, a lot of people are getting attracted to it. But a large number of them also lose as they don’t get cash return despite promises made by the operators of this site. That is the reason some doubts about its veracity or authenticity are tagged on to it. 

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How Does Insvideopush Site Work?

Insvideopush, largely considered a fake site, works in the following manner:

  • It announces lucrative plans with high cash returns to you.
  • It offers quite a large number of such attractive and lucrative plans to easily trap you.
  • On falling into the trap, you may refer this app to others with the hope of earning good money. But the operators of the app do not pay you.

Is Insvideopush Real or Fake?

Insvideopush is not supposed to be real. It is considered a fake site. The reviews of this app show some people lost money by investing in it. Hence, you should neither invest in it. To substantiate the fact that this is not a real site but a fake one, the following examples can be given to you:

  • There is no information on the founder or co-founder of this site.
  • There is no information or details about the government registration of this app.
  • You cannot contact the operators of this app when needed. The reason for this is the fact that it has not given any telephone number or other necessary contact details.
  • The identity of this site is completely hidden.
  • It does not have any active social media accounts.
  • On social media, hundreds of adverse remarks and complaints are there about this app. 

How to Register or Signup for Insvideopush? 

Insvideopush has an in-built system to get registered. There are several steps to it. You can register or sign up with Insvideopush by following certain steps given below: 

Step-1: Visit the website on Google Chrome and download the app either PC or Mobile version. 

Step-2: Fill in the form. 

Step-3: Give your personal details as follows. Remember the tips given as well:

  • Your Full Name: The name you use on your educational certificate
  • Email Address: Your active email id in which you will receive a verification code
  • Mobile or Phone number: Active phone number as you may need to provide OTP for using the app
  • Username (create a username): It can be anything that you remember.
  • Password (create a password): Choose an alphanumeric password.

Step-4: Sign in (after signing in, you become a member of Insvideopush and can take the tasks to earn money.

Step-5: Perform necessary tasks as per its guidance and earn money. You can check your progress on its automated Insvideopush dashboard.

You should note that though Insvideopush is demanding all your personal data or information, it has not given or uploaded any of its information on the website. 

Here, a doubt about its veracity arises. You must be careful in going for this site despite the lucrative offers of cash it promises. Mostly, it does not pay but takes money from you by way of investment and recharging. 

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How To Make Money On Insvideopush?

After you have made an investment or charged (or even recharged) your app with an amount from among the different investment options/denominations, you have to follow certain steps. One has to compulsorily follow such steps or move step-wise to make money on Insvideopush. 

These Few Steps Are Explained Below: 

Step-1: Earn by giving referrals (inviting others to invest in it). You can make some money through such referrals. 

Step-2: Application of this app. 

Step-3: By performing a large number of tasks given to you. By performing those tasks, you can earn money or so the founders of this site claim. 

Step-4: Through Likes + Following Anchors’ Short Videos. 

How to Withdraw Money From Insvideopush? 

You can withdraw money from Insvideopush by following certain steps:

Step-1: The first step is to click the icon Me (following this details of your account will appear). 

Step-2: A specific place or box is indicating the amount to be withdrawn from your account. 

Step-3: Give your withdrawal address which is the payment channel you used to recharge your account. 

Step-4: You can withdraw a maximum amount of $2.99. However, you have to pay a handling charge of 1-USD as well per withdrawal made from your account.

Note: You have to follow all these steps for money withdrawal from this website. It has been made mandatory by this site to follow these steps for withdrawal.  

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There are a large number of gaming sites or apps. Most of them are fakes. Such apps give very attractive cash returns or cash rewards for playing different games or performing a large number of tasks. Some such apps say you have to view videos of different companies and give referrals to earn.

The trusts on such sites are very much lacking. You will find most of them are either not paying you the promised money or have closed/locked in. In such cases, you can do nothing as the contact details of such websites are missing. You also don’t have any means to contact the operators of such apps or websites on the telephone as a mobile or contact telephone number is not given.

Hence, it is always recommended that you should not fall prey to such unscrupulous scam operators who run fake sites for gaming or video viewing to earn money from gullible people.


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