Best 10 WordPress Plugins That Will Improve your Website

Best 10 WordPress Plugins That Will Improve your Website

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system for less savvy tech lads. The site has unlimited themes and over 58000 plugins to improve the browsing experience. Other than experience, plugins are the key to a healthy website and perform functions like cleaning databases and monitoring traffic. Here are the top ten WordPress plugins that will pump up your site.

1. SeedProd

With thousands of five-star reviews, SeedProd offers more than what it was built for. This powerful tool smoothens and makes it a breeze to customize and design WordPress landing pages.

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2. Yoast SEO

Currently, the Yoast SEO plugin has over 5 million installations thanks to its ability to optimize and increase the website’s visibility on google. This plugin analyzes your content’s readability and has a title and meta description template.

3. Ecwid

Ecwid is an eCommerce tool whose capabilities can be attested by over 1 million users from 175 countries. The plugin has unlimited storage capacity, supports 45 international languages, and has over 30 payment options- key players when you are tapping from the global market.

4. FLATsite Serverless Search

Well-established websites have tons of information and can confuse users who are searching for a specific article. Fortunately, a website with a Serverless Search plugin from FLATsite WordPress Static Site Generator helps users locate what exactly they are looking for using a small search bar on your page.

5. Sucuri

If you have not yet converted your website to a static site, you are prone to attacks from hackers. However, with security plugins like Sucuri, your website will be protected against malware, spam, and hackers.

6. WP Smush

In our previous post, we talked about website loading speed, and we highlighted that pictures might reduce your site performance. To compress pictures into small sizes without compromising their quality, WP Smush gets the job done at lightning speed.

7. TrustPulse

E-commerce stores greatly employ social proof to help them pump up their sales. Social proof is a psychological tactic that compels users to buy from a specific site after reviewing social media feedback. TrustPLus, on the other hand, uses social media proof to help you drive sales.

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8. Live Chat

At a standard monthly rate of $16, Live Chat is one of the most affordable plugins on our list. This tool enables you to connect with your customers, and it is a fantastic conversation aider.

9. Visualizer

 Flexible, interactive, customizable, and responsive are some of the countless features making Visualizer a great WordPress plugin. The plugins help harness your data to make attractive and editable tables. You can get this tool for only $236 for a lifetime plan.

10. All in One SEO

If you did not like Yoast SEO, this might suit you better. It optimizes the website. The plugin has over 2 million websites under its care.

Last Word

We cannot explore this topic fully since there are very many plugins, and it will take years for us to finish. But with the above plugins, your website is going through a transition period where everything will be wonderful.


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